Artist: Tocharian & Christian Lewis
Title: Focus On You
Label: Intrinsic Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 October 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dub

Tocharian & Christian Lewis "Focus On You"

Out Now on Intrinsic Records

Following on from the superb two tracker which featured the tracks 'Arcadia' and 'Awakening', Matt 'Tocharian' Slater teams up with Christian Lewis for a mammoth single entitled 'Focus On You', featuring the vocal talent that is Phillipa Alexander. Having been a staple in Sasha's sets since late May, avid fans of 'the man like' will no doubt recognise this, but for those who haven't, don't feel left out. There's more to this track that meets the eye.

Dropping into the 'Original Mix' courtesy of some nifty kickdrum work, we are soon greeted with a soaring melody line that rises over the driving progressive groove that quickly forms. Phillipa's sultry vocal then creeps up behind to take the lead, as the track builds towards the first of several string solos. This momentary respite marks a descent into a tougher section with heavier bass and drum patterns, lending a more dramatic edge to the rising strings which are all that remains as Phillipa's vocal is brought back in during the break for what you could simply call "an uplifting moment". When the big melodic hook trails in at the end of the break, just watch the reaction as this beauty builds higher and higher. A heavenly slice of progressive house indeed!

The 'Dub Mix' is a deeper tribal influenced rework that keeps Phillipa's seductive vocals to a bare minimum and lays the focus on the looped beats and subtle melodies, but doesn't quite match the grandeur that is the original version.

Another big room floor filler from Intrinsic, who seem to have that tapped into that vibe and energy that graces most of Sasha's sets and channeled it into some of their recent releases. A small label that is really taking it to the big boys right now.

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