Artist: Tom Mangan
Title: So We Can / Noo Jack
Label: Hood Records
By: Simon Jones | 7 May 2003
  • A: So We Can
  • B: Noo Jack

Tom Mangan "So We Can / Noo Jack"

Out Now on Hood Records

Following on from his debut single 'Chutney' in an odd couple relationship with Bedrock, Tom Mangan is back again, and this time he's brought a label. Hood Records is a new imprint set up by Tom and friends, dedictated to delivering quality house music, whilst refusing to be pidgeonholed into the generic categories that are common place today and ensuring that each release makes you 'strut, bounce and jiggle'. So far the consensus seems to agree with Lord Tong giving this debut a proper workout on his Essential Selection, and Lottie getting her knickers in a right twist over it (when she wears some..). Let's see why she wishes she went commando style..

The moment the first beats of the bassline kick in, you know 'So We Can' is something just that little different to the norm. Deep beats edge their way into soft bleeps to create a groove that shuffles in true jackin fashion. A vocal hook rises out of the distorted effects, dropping to a solo interlude before the bass kicks back in, looping over and over as a bleep led outro brings an end to this old skool hip shakin house cut.

Spin the disc on it's axis and we have 'Noo Jack', which builds on the heavy house grooves of the a-side track, but with use of rough drum patterns and weaving percussive layers moves in and out a groove which bounces.Tech style licks and an addictively infectious piano hook change the momentum of the track, soft kick drum effects lending an edge to the squelchy bassline which sits underneath, concealing a vocal which kicks out on occasion, and by the end of the track will quite probably be stuck in your mind.

Two quality house cuts from the man Mangan, and a great start to this new imprint which promises to inject fresh sounds into today's stagnating scene. Just remember, hood is good..

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