Artist: Vector 13
Title: G.H.L.I.S
Label: Algorhythm Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 November 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Leama & Moor Mix

Vector 13 "G.H.L.I.S"

Out Now on Algorhythm Records

Back in early 2003, Aidan Lavelle began his ascension into the spotlight with the first single from a collaborative project he had embarked on with vocalist Alan Thompson. That project was Vector 13, and the single was 'Rise', a track that quickly caught the attention of many a-list DJs ranging from Sasha to Nick Warren, with many more subsequently supporting the track. Since then we've waited over a year for the follow up as Aidan's profile as both a DJ and producer continues to grow with appearances on both Global Underground and Silver Planet in the last few months, and now finally comes the follow up Vector 13 single 'GHLIS' on his own label Algorhythm.

The 'Original Mix' is a big driving track written with the dancefloor firmly in mind. With some superb drum arrangements easing us in, its cool electronic bassline ignites the fire within, rising right through the deep beats and leading us into the main section of the track. Here the superb vocal by Alan Thompson glides in over the top, only serving to take this track to dizzier heights, climaxing with an awesome breakdown that will send the crowd wild.

'Leama & Moor' add another title to their rapidly growing discography, going the extra mile and serving up something quite different to their previous work. With the original vocal effected and warped into a twisted array of sounds and rhythms, the boys set to work and bring in an electro bassline which underpins the whole mix, proving they are just as capable of doing dark and dirty floor fillers in addition to the more emotional filled peak time tracks for which they are renowned, the result being a strong mix that more than holds its own against Aidan Lavelle and Alan Thompson's original.

'GHLIS' is just another indication of the untapped talent we have yet to see the full potential of. However one thing we can be certain of is that whilst God may have lost his soul, Aidan Lavelle most certainly hasn't.

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