Artist: Vector 13
Title: Rise / Isis
Label: Algorhythm Records
By: Simon Jones | 2 July 2003
  • A: Rise
  • B: Isis

Vector 13 "Rise / Isis"

Out Now on Algorhythm Records

Ever since Aidan Lavelle made his debut on New Religion Recordings with his 'Ludovicos Technique EP' as Mode, he has pulled in accolade after accolade, with the EP, and its follow-up 'Mode EP both being highly regarded by Muzik Magazine, with further plaudits from publications like M8 and Jockey Slut only furthering his reputation. Not only this, but fans of his production work include Josh Wink, Pete Tong, Sasha and Hybrid, to name but a few. Proof indeed that Aidan, younger brother of Unkle's James Lavelle is more than capable of making his own unique niche within the music industry, and to take this further he recently set up his own record label Algorhythm, signing a promising new band called Early Year. Recognising the talent of these individuals, Aidan soon found himself working with one of the band's vocalists, Alan Thompson, on a project which has developed into Vector13, and now comes the first single from the duo, kicking off his label in grand style.

Soft ambient soundscapes ease us into the first track 'Rise', distorted synth effects and beats subtly evolving into the main groove of the track, which builds up gradually towards the main vocal hook. The first section of the vocal adds atmosphere as the backing allows the beats to filter through, building towards the main section of the track. As the main vocal kicks in, cutting through soaring riffs, the pace and intensity of the track increases, the beats guiding the vocal through a slight drop and and into a powerful climax, trickling out gradually as the euphoric state ends.

'Isis' is the lesser known of the two tracks, but is by no means filler. This is every bit as strong as 'Rise', and perhaps even the better of the two tracks. Chunky breakbeats conceal a dirty, hypnotic electro groove and melody loop that sways in the background. The vocal is teased in slowly, rolling over and under the beats until it takes over infectiously, falling loosely over the beat patterns as electronic melodies lend a retro feel to the track, with shades of New Order creeping in. This is by no means a bad thing, and when you give this a spin, you will be hooked.

A varied, well produced debut single from Vector13, and a superb launchpad for Algorhythm. Expect to hear a lot more from Aidan Lavelle over the coming months, including material for the label Global Underground Music, in addition to remixes of tracks by Unkle and Gorillaz. The time has come for Aidan Lavelle to rise..

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