Artist: Wideband Network & R3volve
Title: Just Like That
Label: Maris Music
By: Simon Jones | 30 December 2005
  • A: R3volve 'Just Like Mike' Vox Mix
  • B: R3volve 'Just Like Mike' Dub Mix

Wideband Network & R3volve "Just Like That"

Out Now on Maris Music

The Wideband Network is the brainchild of Casey '3pm' Clark and Caesar 'Pedestrian' Filori, an American duo who's debut album 'Universe' was written and recorded entirely via online collaboration and received praise for it's diversity and musical depth. This inspired them to begin work on their recently released second album 'Ten Thousand Seconds', and it's from that album that this collaborative single with Zabiela favourite Mike 'R3Volve' Christensen entitled 'Just Like That' emerges.

The 'Vox Mix' heads straight for the jugular, stellar rhythm progression leading straight into the thick of the mix. Tough ricocheting beats are seconded by some sleek, smooth bass stabs with the vocal hook and stutter effects having a distinct and captivating edge, with the influence of BT that all parties involved share being quite evident on those elements. This is by no means a bad thing, as the Wideband boys and R3Volve manage to place all these elements on the canvas and sculpt a massive remix that never ceases to surprise.

The 'Dub Mix' takes a more reclined approach, a subtle intro just simmering for the first minute or two before the familiar bassline is slowly brought in. With the vox element stripped back, the focus here is on the programing. Just watch out for the mad effects midway through the which carry through into the final section of the mix where once again the mood builds and builds, with a big Infusion-esque groove keeping the dancefloor firmly locked in it's targets.

Already gleaning support from the likes of James Zabiela, Dave Seaman and unsurprisingly Sasha, 'Just Like That' is another huge release for Maris Music. If you enjoy this single, then hunt down a copy of Wideband Network's new album 'Ten Thousand Seconds, which is out now and can be ordered through the synthpop site

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