Artist: Acquired Sound
Title: Online/Offline
Label: Plastica Red
By: Simon Jones | 14 December 2001
  • A: Online
  • B: Offline

Acquired Sound "Online/Offline"

Out Now on Plastica Red

The man behind Acquired Sound, Paul Plug has made music for a number of labels, such as his own imprints Plug Records and Wax Trax and also produced under guises such as Naked Ape and Speaking In Tongues. This 12" showcases a solo effort from himself, along with a collaborative effort with Plastic Fantastic's Oliver MacGregor on the flip

'Online' starts with some minimal percussion, with some panned synths bubbling in the background, weaving in and out of the bassline as it grows heavier, introducing a strange vocal sample that sits atop the percussion, before dropping into a techy sounding break momentarily before a sequence of drums brings the percussion back to the forefront as the vocal ripples through to the surface. A moody track that draws you in.

Meanwhile, 'Offline' sounds more spaced out in the intro, with more emphasis placed on the drums as the track picks up, dropping to into an atmospheric pause, before introducing trippy percussion and synths which bounce along, building the mood as some outer earth samples run behind the main bassline, and a spoken sample about the Messiah blasts through the speakers, before the pace picks up before fading to some trippy percussion in the outro.

Already gaining space in the boxes of some of the top jocks and one of Sander Kleinenberg's biggest tunes of the moment, it looks like 2002 will be an even bigger year for this baby of the Plastic family.

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