Artist: Atlas
Title: Compass Error (Remixes Disc 1)
Label: Plastica Red
By: Simon Jones | 13 October 2002
  • A: Tarrentella: Redanka Remake
  • B: Original Mix

Atlas "Compass Error (Remixes Disc 1)"

Out Now on Plastica Red

Atlas made a name for themselves in the early and mid 90s with superb tracks like 'Beauty' on the Jackpot imprint, in addition the emotive Compass Error on Pandephonium. Fast forward almost 10 years and we find that whilst one of the guys behind Atlas, Tony Newland, is still producing as Motacade, his earlier work is seemingly forgotten. Kudos to RIP Records and Plastic Fantastic then, for teaming up to bring the classic Compass Error into the 21st century with a set of new remixes to give it added appeal to both long time music lovers and progressive newbies alike.

Kicking off the package, RIP keep it close to home with a remake from Tarrentella: Redanka, who keep things faithful to the original, but adding deep atmospheric bass, big rolling drum arrangements which all bubble away nicely until the vocal makes it's entrance, admist an array of hi hats and snare rolls, the swirling melody line grabbing you, hook, line and sinker. Large sounding and destined to cause damage when unleashed in a big room atmosphere. A mix that manages to cross time without losing effect, and possibly Tarrentella: Redanka's finest moment in a long time.

However it's not all about upfrontness here, as on the b-side we have the Original Mix which is included for those unfortunate enough to have not been around for it's first release, the crisp drums and analogue sounding drum rattles reminding us of how things have progressed over the past few years, but also that classics like this can more than cut it with the sounds of today.

A superb release for which both RIP and Plastica Red must be commended for coming up with the idea to put out. Whilst many people will say that it's too 'trancey', perhaps they should get their head out of the darkness of some elitest's ass and just accept that melody is making a comeback, and not a moment too soon.

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