Artist: Atlas
Title: Compass Error (Remixes Disc 2)
Label: Plastica Red
By: Simon Jones | 15 October 2002
  • A: Fluke Remix
  • B: Menace Remix

Atlas "Compass Error (Remixes Disc 2)"

Out Now on Plastica Red

Following on from the magnificant Tarrentella: Redanka Remake on the first half of this package, here comes the second half featuring remixes from longtime progressive heads Fluke and Menace (aka Swain and Snell and Plastic Fantastic's Oliver Macgregor).

Fluke's interpretation comes first, the horn sample piercing the airwaves amidst a brooding mesh of rolling beats and dark synths, with the vocal seeping through to add some depth and atmosphere to the mix, as guitar-esque riffs and tight drum percussion carry us to a grand finale. Whilst perhaps not what one would expect from Fluke based on their epic releases over the years, it does however show signs of a more all rounded and updated sound for them, and when held up to the other mixes over both discs of the re-release, more than holds it own.

Menace provide the second reinterpretation, banging out some tribal beats over a twisted groove in true Menace style, dropping the vocal in amidst the drum snares sparingly, and whilst the production on the mix is top notch, it never seems to become s evil and foreboding as it sometimes hints at, but with such strong remixes on the package it had a tough standard to live upto

I'm sure many people will love or loathe these new mixes, but for vinyl junkies and collectors who are antiques themselves out there who will complain, just remember music is meant to be heard, and Compass Error more than stands the test of time, hence it's deserving re-release.

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