Artist: Backtrack
Title: Float With The Ghosts
Label: Binary Records
By: Simon Jones | 16 January 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Freeloader Mix

Backtrack "Float With The Ghosts"

Out Now on Binary Records

Tim Scott and Steve Bent are busy guys, having produced material in recent months for Additive, Junior, 3 Beat Records and indeed Binary, with tracks receiving variable response. Their latest project is as Backtrack with something called 'Float With The Ghosts'. Let's see how this fares up..

An hypnotic groove slips in and the 'Original Mix' of Float With The Ghosts is under way. Heavy kick drum percussion give way to a rising synth based riff that weaves it's way with precision throughout the beats being laid down within the mix. As the vocal emerges from nowhere and the melody pushes the emotion to overdrive, massive hooks drop over into the groove and pretty soon you are engrossed. It's the kind of track that you'll be standing by a bar having a breather whilst you get a drink and this will erupt from the speakers and you will be impateintly wanting to get onto the dancefloor and be part of the 'journey' to the next level of the evening.

'Freeloader' deconstruct things and rearrange them with a tougher pace, retaining the melody line but slicing and dicing vox and fx elements into the mix, turning this mix into one more suited to a build up or 'bridge' track to shift the pace in a warm up set. A nice mix, but the 'Original' wins over in terms of quality and production.

After a few questionable releases towards the end of 2002 it would seem Tim Scott and Steve Bent are finally getting back to the magic that was present on the excellent 'Forward' by Element N. Hopefully 2003 will so more releases like 'Float With The Ghosts'.

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