Artist: Hyper
Title: Bedrock Breaks
Label: Bedrock Breaks
By: Simon Jones | 10 January 2003
  1. IIs - Next Level (Intro)
  2. Mad Dogs - Sudden Journey (Hyper & Rhymes Mix)
  3. Terminalhead - Give Me Head
  4. Fatboy Slim - Retox (Getting Fregy With Fatboy Mix)
  5. Waveform - The Joint
  6. Puretone - Addicted To Bass (Hyper & Rhymes Mix)
  7. Rennie Pilgrem - A Place Called Acid Part 2
  8. Koma & Bones - American Thief
  9. Brother Love Dubs - The Mighty Ming (Plump DJs Mix)
  10. Minuteman - Lo Life
  11. Dark Globe Feat Boy George - Auto Erotic (Waterbed Mix)

Hyper "Bedrock Breaks"Hyper "Bedrock Breaks"

Out Now on Bedrock Breaks

The unstoppable Bedrock label have branched out and now deliver us their first breakbeat mix cd, with one of the most well known figures of the breaks scene, DJ Hyper at the helm. Due to the growing popularity of the PuSH room at the Bedrock nights, the album was a natural progression.

Having already made a name for himself with countless productions, remixes and 2 Y3K mix albums for Distinctive Breaks, Hyper, aka Guy Hatfield now aims to live upto the impeccable standard that people expect from the name Bedrock.

Taking in a range of influences and styles.. from the dark and twisted nu skool breaks, to the more melodic and chilled variety, Hyper tries to create a soundscape into which he can incorporate all these sounds, which given the 2 hour time contstraints is not as easy as it sounds.

CD1 features tracks such as IIs - Next Level (Featured on an ad for the UK mobile telecoms company, Orange). as well tracks from some of the breaks scene godfathers, Rennie Pilgrem (A Place Called Acid Part 2), and Koma & Bones (American Thief). Add to this remixes from the up and coming Plump DJs and exclusive DJ Hyper and Dylan Rhymes mixes of Mad Dogs Sudden Journey and Puretone's Addicted To Bass and you have an excellent selection of tracks.

CD2 builds on this, delivering yet another Hyper and Rhymes remix, this time of Ascender - Altitudes. Meat Katie drop to counsel us about Future Abuse, and PMT gets all twisted on the asses of John Creamer and Stephane K's Wish You Were Here. Definately not in this case. Other highlights include BT's hip hop breaks extravaganza, Smartbomb and the superb Radio Eins by Radioactive Man, taken from his forthcoming artist album.

Whilst Hyper's mixing isnt perfect, it doesnt detract too much from a superb track selection, showcasing many styles of breaks, and a good introductory album for those who dont follow the scene. Its just when you compare it to the Y3K/Y4K series that it faulters, but nevertheless its a good starting base for Bedrock to build on for a future volume.

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