Artist: Bravemusic
Title: Spiritualized
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 10 March 2002
  • A: Original Vocal Mix
  • B: Mark Wheawill Eat Your Heart Out Baby Dub

Bravemusic "Spiritualized"

Out Now on Method Records

Bravemusic are a new artist to the Baroque and Method family, and consist of Gary Dobbs and Source Of Gravity/Gravitation's own Mark Whewill who deliver their first release for the Method imprint, entitled Spiritualized.

The Original Vocal mix is a deep progressive workout, beat progression weaving in and out of the rising and dropping synth line as the dark male vocal, provided by Mark himself, who is a very talented writer/vocalist, weaves in and out of the soundscape, melodic beats rumbling in the background. A top mix and no mistake.

On the reverse is a dub, which chugs along, bubbling as the beats and cut up vocals clash in the background and machine gun-esque stabs drill through the speakers, a deep synth line interrupting proceedings, as an atmospheric break signals a lift in pace. A dark brooding cut that is designed for the moodier set moods.

Marc Wheawill will be a name you hear a lot more of on Baroque with two singles forthcoming under the guise of Evenflow. Watch out for more new artists soon to come on Baroque and Method.

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