Artist: Casselle & Christopher
Title: Midnight Sun (Remixes)
Label: Fuju Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 19 November 2002
  • A: John Ciafone Remix
  • B: Blacklight Dub

Casselle & Christopher "Midnight Sun (Remixes)"

Out Now on Fuju Recordings

Casselle and Christopher's 'Midnight Sun' has wowed anyone lucky to have heard Danny Howells inaugural Nocturnal Frequencies album or in his sets or in the sets of Ashley Casselle as well. Now that it's finally here Fuju have not only brought us the original mixes, but this remix disc, featuring John Ciafone of Mood II Swing fame in addition to an additional mix, the 'Blacklight Dub'

'John Ciafone' gets down to busines straight away, large acidic riffs rolling over the deep house groove John crafts, vocal snippets interrupting each pulsating beat, the bassline becoming more flamboyant as it strays off the set path. As the main vocal courtesy of Mr Visionary himself trickles on in, the groove becomes rather funkier, and a more upbeat outro wraps up yet another excellent house cut from this legendary producer. As soon as the first chords kick in you know what you're in for.

The 'Blacklight Dub' comes courtesy of Messrs Casselle and Christopher, who strip things back, planting some trippy percussion as the foundations of the track, spacial synth arrangements swirling around the mind altering groove that increases and decreases in speed as the vocal dictates the momentum of the track. The build up to the the break is mind numbingly good and then the bottom end drops out for some quirky house vibes at the end. Twisted innovative house from the duo.

A superb addition to what was already a strong set of mixes on the original 12", and when added to that as an item in any vinyl junkie's box, you have the best release on Fuju in a long time and somethng very essential indeed.

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