Artist: Duran & Aytek
Title: Come
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 7 October 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Duran And Aytek Remix

Duran & Aytek "Come"

Out Now on Method Records

Duran Genc and Aytek Kurt are the latest exports from the bustling Turkish dance scene, following on in the footsteps of such artists as Yunus Guvenen and Subsky (aka DJ Cervus). Aytek has also worked with Murat Uncuoglu as Noctophobia, Spectralminds and Organica. Having released the AA side Monsoon / House Breaking on 3Beat, Duran and Aytek follow it up with the vocal trance of Come.

A sinister tribal drum arrangement fuses with a driving percussion line on the Original Mix, eerie effected synths flickering away in the background, building and building until the main vocal drops in, emotionally charged and controlling the pace of the track as it heads into the break, where the vocal takes centre stage amidst panning atmospherics and an uplifting synth line, taking the track to a higher place for the grand finale. An emotional rollercoaster ride indeed.

The Duran and Aytek remix pays a nod to the days of melodic trance, rapid hi-hats, synth arrangements, with the vocal adding a sense of depth and a little darkness to the mix, pushing forward hard before gorgeous strings wash through the speakers as one of the most uplifting breaks you will have heard on a progressive trance track in a while drops us off the edge of a cliff without warning, in a slight homage to the traditional trance sound that was rampant several years ago.

A surprising release for Method, as this track could quite easily be pushed towards a more commericial arena with the right idea, and with it's influences from the slightly more 'popular' side of trance, some would say it was a gamble. However, it's a gamble that paid off and this release will sit quite happily in the box of you more mainstream jocks out there. Watch ouf for futher material from these guys on Progress Inn under the guise of E-Magicians.

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