Artist: Freeloader Feat Dani G
Title: Glow
Label: Binary Records
By: Simon Jones | 6 December 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Polekat Mix

Freeloader Feat Dani G "Glow"

Out Now on Binary Records

Freeloader return to the helm of their label Binary with a new release featuring the vocals of Danielle Gillierion. From a production duo, one of which, Tim Scott, who enjoyed success with the track Element N - 'Forward' earlier this year comes 'Glow', as Tim and production partner in crime Steven Bent look to take Binary into 2003 with a bang.

A pounding bassline drops us straight in at the start of the 'Original Mix', the progressive groove sliding forward as Dani G's filtered vocals float over the top, pushing the track into a rolling arrangement with snares bouncing off against the emerging sounds. Nothing really that innovative but this baby shines when it drops into the spacial break where Dani's vocals really lift the track before the bass kicks back in. One of those 'safe tunes' for the box.

'Polekat' swing for a slightly more tribal influenced percussion line that guides the first section of the remix through a minimal build, dropping into layer upon layer of deep reverb snares offset by rolling acidic synths which drill across the track for almost the last half of the track, with things getting a little downright twisted in the centre. The production is tight, but the original beats it hands down.

Already played by Satoshi and Hernan Cattaneo, drop the original midset and watch the dancefloor glow..

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