Artist: Graffik
Title: A Lesser Man
Label: RIP Records
By: Simon Jones | 13 October 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Satoshi Tomiie Remix

Graffik "A Lesser Man"

Out Now on RIP Records

Graffik is the hot new collective of the legendary Satoshi Tomiie and midlands boys Chris Bourne and Andy Holt (aka Tarrentella: Redanka). Having been locked away in the accoladed Cable Chamber for many hours, the trio came out with two tracks, the first of which finds it's release on RIP, and is entitled A Lesser Man.

Cut up drum arrangements coupled with a drooning sub bassline keep things to a restrained yet punchy mood as the snares kick in and the arpeggiated riff shimmers along nicely, stiring up some nice atmospherics which set the platform for deeply emotive vocal to rear its head. A spinechilling moment indeed, and the icing on the cake of this superb collaboration.

Satoshi goes solo on the flip, for a tripped out, more manic rework that moves along with no set course, chopped up percussion and dark siren effect adding to the eerie atmosphere, the vocal almost spluttering through in an anguished fashion with guitar-esque synths falling over the bass towards the outro. Satoshi delivers another masterpiece remix to add to his resume.

As the 10th release for this fine imprint, Graffik do not disappoint and continue the label's superb track record. With plenty of quality releases to come and a further Graffik track due for release on SAW Recordings in the near future, the futures of all parties involved should be watched carefully.

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