Artist: Guy Gerber Presents ADD
Title: Flammer / Soon
Label: Kinky Vinyl
By: Simon Jones | 6 May 2002
  • A: Flammer
  • B: Soon

Guy Gerber Presents ADD "Flammer / Soon"

Out Now on Kinky Vinyl

It's not often you get a record that stands out from the norm, be it in the post or on the store shelves, but when you spot a sleeve that seems to look like PVC it's going to arouse suspicion. Funny then that, upon investigating, I would find this to be a tech house number by the Israeli producer Guy Gerber, following on from his recent collaboration with Sahar Z on the massive Kenny's Back single. So without further ado, lets find out if this AA release, on the new imprint Kinky Vinyl is groovy or not, as we investigate Guy Gerber Presents ADD - Flammer / Soon.

Flammer starts off with some nice rising chords, ending in tight claps, a nice groovy beat leading into some quirky synth action, as the track begins to take shape. As the pace moves onward, the track weaves a very nice set of stabs into proceedings, giving the track a feeling of warmth and depth. The beat slows down slightly into the break and then goes off on a tangent; obviously Gerber's got a brand new groove. A nice contrast in comparison to his work on Kenny's Back

On the flip we have Soon, a more summertime influenced cut with funky guitar and dreamy chords that build and expand as the track builds, unleashing the guitar riff to the full, a superb techy electronic vibe being laid down as the soft percussion takes control and brings the track to a close.

A great debut release for this funky younger brother of Whoop Records, and no doubt there will be plenty more where this came from. Lush, sexy, and in many ways kinky house beats for your listening persuasion. Watch out for more slutty PVC sleeve action in a store near you soon.

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