Artist: Guy Gerber Presents ADD
Title: Let Me In
Label: Kinky Vinyl
By: Simon Jones | 30 January 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mike Monday Remix

Guy Gerber Presents ADD "Let Me In"

Out Now on Kinky Vinyl

Guy Gerber's profile has certainly risen in the past 18 months. Initially having gained the attention of the world dance scene alongside Sahar Z with the track 'Kenny's Back', he soon moved into a solo role which has seen him produce material for Whoop! and Alternative Route, as well forthcoming projects with Twisted. Meanwhile, he has developed another project entitled 'ADD' which previously produced the tracks 'Flammer' and 'Soon'. Now he follows that single up with this new one entitled 'Let Me In'. Does it match up in terms of quality, let's find out.

Deep rolling percussion introduces itself to us on the 'Original Mix', warm chords washing up over the groove as sax and piano samples add some uplifting elements to the track, and at the same time evoking a deep house influence that becomes very prominent each time the vocal becomes the focus of the track. The smokey sax comes into it's own as the pace eases off in the latter half of the track, and whilst not perhaps so quickly accessible as 'Flammer' or 'Soon', this mix will no doubt find it's fair share of supporters.

Mike Monday provides the remix, lending his own unique brand of house to the track, opting for a more laid back and less chaotic arrangement to the track, thus allowing the instruments within to lead an ambience to the track that compliments the vocal perfectly, whilst also allowing for an element of funk to enter the track. As things slow down into the mini-break, Mike pushes the tempo up a bit on the outro to bring things to a finale in grand fashion.

Following on from the Nathan G EP this is very much an improvement, although to fans of the first Guy Gerber Presents ADD single may take a little getting into, but is worth checking out. Forthcoming is the massive 'Revolution' by Stephane Malca, which is currently on it's way to emerge from speakers near you.

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