Artist: Jono Fernandez
Title: Lo Runner / Suede
Label: Zero Tolerance
By: Chloe Harris | 31 October 2002
  • A: Lo Runner
  • B: Suede

Jono Fernandez "Lo Runner / Suede"

Out Now on Zero Tolerance

One of the youngest producers at Zero Tolerance comes out with a nice electro tinged earthy 12". Jono Fernandez hails from Canberra, Austrailia, and is set for big things. Already having an unreleased track 'Intruder' which found a home on GU22:Melborne, and collaborating with Luke Chable, on the track 'Before You Break On Me', he's bound to make an impact on the scene.

The intro to 'Lo Runner', feels as if you are entering a movie. Strange sounds, delayed effects, and even creaking doors starts us off well for Halloween. Drums come into the sounds, and a clap is added. Layers of drums, and a haunting synth that lies in the background, all make room for a deep bass. The bass is a bit funky, a bit dirty, and a bit electro. A bubbly sound comes up, and we drop into the break. A voice is used, but it's slight, and more of a tone, than anything. The hand drums intermix with the voice and we go back into the song. A lovely warm up groover.

Carrying on with the spooky feel, we enter 'Suede'. The tone behind the beginning of the song, is a twisted, eerie tone. The drums start up, with only a kick, and a tom, as layers are added precisely. A bassline comes in, that is deep and sort of funky in a sinister way. It's very subdued. The air sounds are delayed, and make up some more percussion. A mid range comes in that bounces, as we fall into the break. Delays are falling everywhere, as the bassline creeps in, along with some kicks. We go back into it full on, while added sounds mesh together.

Zero Tolerance continue their reign with dark and brooding music. This is the most perfect record for Halloween, or just a nice warm up into a spooky set. Great work by Jono Fernandez. Watch out for this kid.

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