Artist: Lovesky
Title: Come Back To Me
Label: Sunburn Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 3 July 2002
  • A1: 12 Inch Original Mix
  • A2: I Remember Her Skin (Original Mix)
  • B1: Hawke Mix
  • B2: Vocal Dust Mix

Lovesky "Come Back To Me"

Out Now on Sunburn Recordings

Following on from 'West Cirque', Sunburn return with a release from a man who needs no introduction. His release on Hooj Choons, Drums 4 Better Daze' spoke for itself. The man in question of course is Lovesky, but this track 'Come Back To Me' is a far departure from that track.

The Original Mix is introduced by eerie wailing sounds that quickly subside to give way to some tight driving percussion and a powerful bassline that pushes the track forward and the vocal emerges from the background, and when the vocal and electronic guitar riff kicks in, prepare to be amazed. This could easily be mistaken for Radiohead, such is the quality and calibre of the production.

I Remember Her Skin offers respite from the main a-side track, a laid-back guitar lick forging and shaping into what sounds like African influenced ambient music.

However Gavin Hardkiss picks it right back up, sprinkling in some ethnic effects in the twisted build up, warping the vocal in the background. When the guitar riff kicks in during the break you feel like your face is going to cave in as it hits you.

And to top it all off, the Vocal Dust is an accapella!! Much mayhem, carnage and devastation to be caused with this package.

No further words needed. Hunt this down now.

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