Artist: Lovesky
Title: Love Supreme
Label: Warmth Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 January 2003
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Hawke Mix
  • C1: Lovesky Drum-Drug Mix
  • D1: Robbie Hardkiss Erotic Dub
  • D2: Underground People Movers Mix

Lovesky "Love Supreme"

Out Now on Warmth Records

Michael Lovesky first came to the attention of many with his seminal hit 'Drums For Better Daze', but in reality that is but just one of many fine tracks, not necessarily of a dance persuasion that this talented singer and songwriter has put his hand to. His recent track 'Come Back To Me' was one that appealed to both the club floors and the living room with it's diverse appeal, and this new release, the debut on Warmth Records, 'Love Supreme' takes those ideals just a step further.

Lovesky starts off this extended double pack with the 'Original Mix', taking in the usual mix of smokey effects and rough beats, this time slipping over a melancholic bassline, complimented by Michael's unique vocals. His unique approach to each track he puts his hand to always emits a different feeling and here is no different as he really lets the vocal take control of the track, bringing out all the little sounds and creating another track, which although not containing the power of his previous 'Come Back To Me', offers a much warmer, emotive vibe to slip into an early evening set.

Once again 'Hawke', better known as Gavin Hardkiss of the Hardkiss brothers lends his hand to a remix, deeper beats and cut up vocals dropping into a broken-beat build up with some deep house riffs trickling through the backdrop. Compared to his somewhat storming mix of 'Come Back To Me' this goes for the jugular in a slightly more different way but oozes the same Hawke quality.

Disc 2 sees Lovesky rework the original slightly with his 'Drum Drug Mix', atmosphere flooding through beneath the drum beats as strings evolve, filling out all the spaces that emerge between the beats and pushing the drums harder and tougher, slipping into a funky groove at the end .

'Robbie Hardkiss's Erotic Dub' retains the smokey sounds of the original but drops a vibrant acic bassline in underneath, big riffs and electro synths bouncing along, reminiscent in some ways of old detroit techno grooves, but with a modern edge.

The 'Underground People Movers' mix brings things to a close, lush piano riffs and sublime jazz sounds shapeshifting over a rattling groove, tha will get both your senses tingling and your body grooving to the beats. A perfect compliment to the diverse mixes on offer here.

So there you have it. This EP is rather special in that it draws influences from a variety of scenes and movements that have influenced both the US and World dance scenes over the years, and for those of you who want something on a slightly different tip to your usual 'progressive' tracks, check this out.

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