Artist: Lustral
Title: Broken (Remixes)
Label: Lost Language
By: Simon Jones | 1 November 2002
  • A: Broken (Lustral Remix)
  • B: Everytime (Yunus Remix)

Lustral  "Broken (Remixes)"

Out Now on Lost Language

Lustral's Everytime is still hailed as a classic to this day and remains popular thanks to the stupendously good remix that Nalin and Kane did of the track several years ago. This follow up, Broken obviously had it's work cut out for itself before it even started to attempt to make an impact. The first 12" seen slightly more 'underground' remixes from Way Out West and Pitch and Sulphur, and here to top off the package on the second disk are Lustral themselves with their own interpretation, whilst on the b-side they paid a nod to the beginning as turkish trance master Yunus Guvenen contributes his own rework of the classic 'Everytime'.

Lustral's own mix of 'Broken' is one that has much cross over potential, large riffs and big horn synths working in unison to creating an uplifting mood that reaches a euphoric high as the main vocal bridge kicks in, before dropping slightly into a driving bassline that leads us nicely into the second break and.. wallop.. hands in the air time. Another notch in the duo's clubland caps, and one that will be keeping many a gurning face happy over the coming months.

Yunus's remix of 'Everytime' started its life a cheeky bootleg cover version called 'Lullaby' in the record boxes of Sasha and Digweed. After the duo played it out on their Delta Heavy tour early in 2002 the buzz behind the track went through the roof and Hooj, seeing this wisely snapped it up to back up the release of 'Broken'. Yunus chooses not to use the full vocal but instead samples it through a series of layers adding some nice distorted bass over a deep layered synth percussion line which rattles along at a nice consistent pace, letting the vocal hook in gradually before changing direction and getting slightly twisted without warning. Whilst some will argue it to be sacreligious to the original, I personally think it's a intelligent rework that will push the track to greater depths as more underground jocks get on it..

Lost Language seem to have slotted themselves into a niche of bridging the trance and progressive divide and so far it's paying off rather nicely with mixes on this and the original 12" appealing to both sides of the fence.

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