Artist: Lustral
Title: Broken
Label: Lost Language
By: Simon Jones | 30 October 2002
  • A: Way Out West Remix
  • B: Pitch And Sulphur Back In Time Remix

Lustral  "Broken"

Out Now on Lost Language

Ricky Simmons and Steve Jones. This duo probably have more aliases than members of the Taliban. As Space Brothers, Oxygen, Chakra, Force Majeure, Essence, Kaliedascope and The Realm the duo have forged all manner of uplifting trance anthems as well as progressive and disco twinged works, but it's probably as Lustral that their most acclaimed work as emerged. Several years ago 'Everytime' was released to critical acclaim and has subsequently been re-released over the years. A sort of follow up occured in the form of 'Solace' but the follow up proper has now arrived in the form of 'Broken'.

Bristolian outfit Way Out West deliver the first mix of the package, the string ladden melody washing over the ambient breaks groove as Kate Jackson's vocal just soothingly flows along, an uplifting chord arrangement taking us into and controlling the main section of the track, the percussion line bouncing along nicely to bring this eastern influenced beauty to an end.

German trance merchants Pitch and Sulphur take things in a more european style, a large rolling bassline fusing with squelchy riffs delivering some driving eurotastic grooves to us which will go down nicely with the Crasher kids (Ben Lost will approve I'm sure). The vocal provides a momentary respite in the break before things roll along nicely to climax.

The Way Out West mix will keep the prog heads and the euphoric kiddies entertained, whilst the Pitch and Sulphur remix will appease those who like things a little tougher. Check it out if only for the gorgeous Way Out West remix.

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