Artist: Mash Up
Title: Karmasutra (Remixes)
Label: Plastica Red
By: Simon Jones | 12 June 2002
  • A: Chus And Ceballos Mix
  • B: Swain And Snell Mix

Mash Up "Karmasutra (Remixes)"

Out Now on Plastica Red

Following on from the original mixes, Plastica Red have put together another 12" containing remixes of 'Karmasutra'. No doubt they are planning to really push the boundaries on this release so that the mixes will appeal to a wide variety of djs. So who have they got to remix this track to widen the appeal? Read on.. all shall be revealed.

First up is the excellent Spanish production outfit of Chus L Esteban and Pablo Ceballos, who following on from a great remix of DJ Rasoul's Oh Baby on Hooj, strip Karmasutra down to the bare bones, utilising a simple soft percussion line which they compliment with some heavy bass effects, whilst sprinkling in some Mediterranean sounds and instruments to give the track a warm house feel. Top-notch stuff from this currently on fire duo.

The other remix comes from Swain and Snell themselves who provide an alternative to the original, utilising lots of drum effects, some tough synths and a few wicked guitar licks to create druggy and dirty workout that really shows off the sinister vocal to great effect.

Have Plastic Fantastic found a project that will really find widespread appeal across the board? Who knows, but so far the Mash Up project has produced two excellent singles with more to come in the future.

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