Artist: Matthew Dekay
Title: Beautiful Monday EP
Label: Deep Records
By: Simon Jones | 22 January 2003
  • A: Beautiful Monday
  • B: F*cking Friday

Matthew Dekay "Beautiful Monday EP"

Out Now on Deep Records

Matthew Dekay has been influenced by music for many years, but it wasn't until the dawn of the new millennium that he found a direction which he could develop and nuture into his own unique sound, but almost three years later, and numerous productions later, he is really coming into his own, having earned the respect of Danny Howells and Timo Maas as well as forming close friendships with Sander Kleinenberg and Lemon 8, also both supporters of his work, which includes tracks such as 'Passion', and 'Part 1' under the guise of Lowriders. This EP, the 'Beautiful Monday EP' is his first release on Deep Records, with the majority of his previous work having been released on One Star Recordings, so without further ado, let's find out why he is held in such high regard.

From the moment 'Beautiful Monday' begins, you know that something special is going to unfold for your aural pleasure. Opening with a dramatic downtempo style intro, things soon shift into a funky rolling bass groove, soft snares popping on the surface of the track as subtle melody soon switchs key into layer upon layer of lush chords. As the track builds towards the break, the bassline diversifies, following more freely as a spacial atmospheric break swirls across the backdrop of the track, the infectious melody coming into it's during the final few minutes, leaving you dazzled. Not just beautiful on Monday, but beautiful any day of the week.

The name 'F*cking Friday' conjures up a whole different image straight away, and that wouldn't be too far wrong when it comes to describing this track, as this tough edged growler hurtles along at a blinding pace. From the rolling percussion intro, things soon descend into an eerie no nonsense funky bassline, complimented by some rough rhythm that punches it's way to the surface of the track, growing in intensity as the track unfolds further, and taking on a rather industrial style influence in the latter half, the slight melody within struggling for survival amidst the dark and twisted groove. A bone shaker of a track that will loosen you up good and proper for a weekend of hedonism.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Matthew has already been hard at work on material, including a track he wrote for Sander Kleinenberg entitled 'If I Could Fly'. The good news is that this track has also been picked up by Deep Records and will be released later in the spring, so watch out for that and much more from this fresh talent emerging out of the Netherlands and onto the world stage.

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