Artist: Max Graham
Title: Sepia / Dying To Survive
Label: Hope Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 1 December 2001
  • A: Sepia
  • B: Dying To Survive

Max Graham "Sepia / Dying To Survive"

Out Now on Hope Recordings

Max Graham was voted as the 23rd best DJ in the world in the DJ Magazine Top 100 DJs 2001 and was the highest new entry in the listing, an accolade that has no doubt been down to his prominence at the likes of Gatecrasher and having his tracks played in sets by DJs such as Paul Oakenfold and DJ Tiesto, and now he delivers his latest release, the double whammy that is Sepia and Dying To Survive

Percussive dark stabs that squelch and vibrate herald the start of Sepia, as sweeping effects roar back and forth as the track pulsates and builds, before subsiding to some analogue effects which kickstart the main bassline, teasing a vocal admist some lush strings that change key subtly in the backrground, gathering momentum into the break which unleashes an ethnic sounding cry before introducing some dark menacing snare effects and drum percussion that rid along the strings back into the break and then into one final drive to the finish line, utilising the percussion to great effect. A perfect example that his style is diversing into darker areas rather than just the melodic uplifting sound of earlier productions.

Dying To Survive starts with a series of piano stabs that build and build, introducing a pulsating bassline that growls in and out of the background as percussive key changes rip through the track, leading into a panning synth and drum snares that ripple and echo spiralling the track forward, growing louder and louder into a series of snares that drops out into single analogue stab that rips through the speakers, as melodic chords replace the drums, unleashing an energy that will send crowds at the likes of Gatecrasher into a frenzy. Whilst not as dark and pounding as Sepia, this provides a nice alternative track for the more uplifting sets.

Hope has had a very good year with releases from new artists Loafer and Filmapast, and with new material from Starecase in the new year, their star seems set to rise in 2002, where we will no doubt hear even more diverse production from Max. Amidst some of the bog standard progressive tracks on the market these days.. there is still Hope.

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