Artist: Miro
Title: By Your Side
Label: Lost Language
By: Simon Jones | 21 January 2002
  • A: Ian Wilkie Mix
  • B: Miro Rolled Mix
  • C: Marcus Schulz Coldharbour Mix
  • D: Ian Wilkie Dub

Miro "By Your Side"

Out Now on Lost Language

Eagerly anticipated since 1999 and the follow up to 1998's 'Paradise', Miro finally return with 'By Your Side', a track that was a staple in the box of Seb Fontaine and Paul Oakenfold in its hey-day.

As always, Lost Language have got a varied set of remixes, enlisting US producer Marcus Schultz and Hope Recordings favourite, Bristol boy Ian Wilkie for remix duties, but are they any good? Let us find out.

First up we have Ian's driving breakbeat vocal interpretation, which hops along at a steady pace, its funky breaks sliding underneath the presence of the soft vocals of Julie Harrington, as strings give momentary refrain before the beats kick back in once again. Backing this up, Miro's own laid back ambient 'Rolled Mix' as featured on Deep and Chilled Euphoria and the recent Gatecrasher: Experience, offering a complimentary option for those softer sets.

Disc two delivers the mix from Marcus Schultz, who cuts up the vocal, slips a chunky rolling bassline underneath some piano effects , to create driving, yet minimal club cut that sounds quite retro. Meanwhile, for the deep breaks floor, Ian Wilike returns with a dubby workout that just hammers home. Large.

Lost Language, whilst having an erratic schedule, does deliver some storming mixes on occasion. Sadly this time the set is not as well rounded compared to the likes of Accadia's Into The Dawn. Nevertheless, Miro's mix is a superb template to show what the others had to work with, and Ian Wilkie's mixes should be checked by any vocal breaks fan.

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