Artist: Momu
Title: The Dive
Label: Looq Records
By: Chad Harnish | 10 January 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Jondi & Spesh Remix

Momu "The Dive"Momu "The Dive"

Out Now on Looq Records

Mark Musselman is well known in San Francisco for his intense breakbeat sets. J. Moyer aka Jondi also hit the decks in his early years and is now known as ½ of the duo known as Jondi and Spesh. Mark and Jondi together form the breakbeat production team known as Momu and are breaking all expectations with their music. Their first single released on Loöq Records way back in 2001 has just recently caught the attention of the Boxed camp and was included in the critically acclaimed Global Underground Afterhours compilation. Further signs of the pair’s future success include two singles already signed to Bedrock and “The Dive” picked by Nick Warren’s upcoming Global Underground.

After interviewing Momu tonight, I have decided to reword my review of the Dive. My analysis of style, mood and pleasure hasn’t changed, but after hearing the origins to the story of the “Dive” I felt I had to come back to this review. “The Dive” was inspired by a Dan Skarry, Jondi’s step-father in law, who late in life overcame a major depression and took on sky diving. One dive resulted in an accident where he had a heart attack in mid air. He died before he hit the ground with his safety parachute opening and landed him in the back yard of an EMT worker who happened to be gardening at the time, however. So “The Dive” tells the story of flying, falling and is dedicated to Dan. Jondi’s wife, Kia Simon (film maker and director) has just completed the video for “The Dive” which portrays the inspiring story and has been submitted to MTV, so stay tuned for that.

“The Dive” not only caught Nick Warren’s attention, as it was chosen it for his Global Underground compilation, but has garnered top placement in charts around the world. Momu take on breaks in a different way than the majority of breakbeat out there. It is dark and strong, yet it’s driven with melody. Not simple melody, but rather soundtrack quality melody. “The Dive” takes a somber tone but with an edge of hope and optimism. The breaks are tight and excellently produced to surround the lush environment and angelic vocals that are sprinkled into the mix. Over all it is a sincere production by the Momu team and will be widely accepted on the dance floors.

Spesh was around for every iteration in the recording of “The Dive” and given Jondi’s obvious intimacy with the track, the result is a remix that carry’s the untainted essence of the original track on the backs of true J&S production. Underlying is a deep minimal rhythmic engine that is signature to Jondi and Spesh and sure to appeal to a wide audience.

Mark is busy on the San Francisco DJ circuit making quite a name for himself. If you catch one of his sets, you are sure to hear some unreleased Momu tracks such as “Descolada” perhaps. Jondi continues to work in the studio with Spesh and the future is said to hold more productions from Jondi, Spesh & Jerry Bonham (JSJ).

While Momu releases are beginning to stray from Looq to labels such as Spundee and Bedrock, Looq continue to their true mission of promoting up and comers from the San Francisco area. Every now again one of Looq’s breakthrough artists such as Jondi & Spesh or Momu return to their label of origin and run artists tracks through their “remix machines.”

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