Artist: Noctophobia
Title: Perfect Sense
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 16 July 2002
  • A: Miracleworkz Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Noctophobia "Perfect Sense"

Out Now on Method Records

Noctophobia are the latest addition to the Method roster, and are Turkish DJ Murat Uncuoglu and studio producer Aytekin Kurt who have previously released material on POD Recordings as 'Spectralminds' and on Eve Records as 'Organica', but now they have come up with this new project and Method have quickly jumped on the first release 'Perfect Sense'.

Deep percussive sweps and rattling synths kick off the 'Miracleworkz Mix', before a trippy electronic descent leads us into the main chunk of the track. Bleepy analogue effects fluctate in the background like binary code calculating with precision execution, deep vocal samples and tight synth production lead us into a dreamy atmospheric breakdown, as strings cascade in an uplifting techy element is added to the mix to really deliver an innovative piece of production. Great stuff.

The Original on the other hand is a more tougher, driving interpretation, utilsing synth arrays to superb effect to build and weave into a moody peaktime number which has it all, deep drops, twisted arrangements and sinster strings which woven together by these two producers works very well indeed.

With other turkish producers like Yunus Guvenen and Subsky currently making waves in the progressive music scene also, once must wonder is Turkey the next hot bed of upcoming talent, as we have seen happen with the many faces from Israel who have dominated the scene in recent months. Watch out for another release by this duo as Asylum Seekers on Three Records and no doubt expect more from them on Method at a later date without a doubt.

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