Artist: Oli Cohen
Title: The Switch
Label: Kubist Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 19 September 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Chris Dee Mix

Oli Cohen "The Switch"

Out Now on Kubist Recordings

Oli Cohen is the latest artist to join the Kubist Recordings label, having come from a rather diversifed musical background in the past, being as comfortable writing film soundtracks as he is playing bass guitar in bands. He has turned this musical expertise towards the dance scene and this is one of his first offerings, The Switch

Eerie synths, haunting bells and chimes and squelchy bass fom the main basis for Oli's Original Mix, layer upon layer of sound being carefully spliced together with large spacious atmospherics filling the void in between quite nicely. Evocative female voices filter through the bassline on occasion, only adding to the creepiness of it all. If there was a progressive theme for Halloween, then this would be it.

Chris Dee, co-owner of the label delivers the remix. lifting the pace whilst giving the track a huge feeling of depth, frantic percussive snares leading into a dark breakbeat groove that will get your booty shaking as the track hurtles its way into an enchating spoken vocal break before the darkness returns once more. Twisted as...

Kubist, even though still in their infancy have already seen material licensed to Chris Fortier's Bedrock album as well as having topped the Balance Promote chart for two weeks with the track 'Ultrasound'. Next up will see a return of Ben Shaw and Chris with the track Freak Sound. Watch out for it.

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