Artist: Peter Martin
Title: Co-da EP
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 November 2002
  • A: Co-da
  • B: Everything In Between

Peter Martin "Co-da EP"

Out Now on Method Records

Peter Martin (not to be confused with Pete Martin of Slide fame) is probably more known to you under the guise of Jade, but for this EP he has decided to go under his own name and rightly so as this EP is definately different to his work as Jade and showcases a whole new side to this promising young producer. The Co-da EP is one of those surprising gems that comes along once in a while, giving your ears relief from the monotone one beat drum percussion that lurks within the 'dark'. This boy is one of the first to realise we need to be brought back towards the 'light'.

Co-da is a mesh of bubbling hi-hats and synth loops, sounding like the binary 1's and 0's of a computer system frantically moving along. As the main melody slides in over a deep sub bass percussion line, things start to really come together, the slow melody being held within, building an energy that is unleashed within the break as harmonious strings ooze warmth and the hypnotic sounds that come out of the nucleus keep you hooked to the last synth. A stunningly beautiful piece of work, and without a doubt this young man's defining moment.

'Everything In Between' is an track of the uplifting variety, synth loop upon synth loop infinitely layering over the top of each other as the main percussion line kicks in, with a melody hook that will entice you from the start. As sonar esque sounds pulsate away in the background and chimes drift away, the mood switches and sweeping riffs kick in as the track builds to a dramatic break that will leave you screaming for more, bringing the mood back down to a more eased pace on the outro. Whilst not quite of the same standard as Co-da, this beauty more than holds it's own.

Quite possibly the best release to date on the Method imprint, and proof that this up and coming youngster has plenty to offer as his career develops over the coming years. Be sure to check this out.

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