Artist: Slackjaw
Title: Broken
Label: Binary Records
By: Simon Jones | 6 December 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Polekat Mix

Slackjaw "Broken"

Out Now on Binary Records

Tim Scott and Steven Bent don another of their guises, this time being Slackjaw for the latest release on Binary. The last Slackjaw release saw from Chris Fortier to Lemon 8 getting on the track, and hopefully 'Broken' will do just as well.

We are transported back in time to the 80s as the electronic arpgeggiated bassline of the 'Original Mix' kicks in, warm synths washing over the hypnotic groove as the emotive vocal just wallows in the centre, the dulcet tones just melting into the beats, the resulting mass creating this gorgeous slice of house that really drops the jaw as the piano chords drift in. Check it out and see.

'Polekat' are once again on the remix duty and taking the main percussion line down progressive lane and substituting the chords for some dubby snare layers, the vocal being stripped back and sprinked sparingly amongst the grooves to create a somewhat deeper mix that will build the mood nicely.

Quite possibly the strongest release to date from Binary and it looks like this release is set to repeat the tremendous success that 'Looking Back' received some time ago.

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