Artist: Smight
Title: Your Happy Place / Rebuilding 12
Label: Fade Records
By: Chad Harnish | 10 December 2002
  • A: Your Happy Place
  • B: Rebuilding 12

Smight "Your Happy Place / Rebuilding 12"

Out Now on Fade Records

Smight is a father of two, a husband to a wonderful wife in Houston, and a DJ for the past seven years. Smight is an entertainer that truly cares about what he is doing and how he does it. Smight is Herbert Berkley, and if he continues to put tracks out with the emotion and spatial ambience that this release (“Your Happy Place / Rebuilding Twelve”) on Fade records captures well, then Smight will be a force to be reckoned with.

As a DJ, Smight’s sets are described as those that “create ambience as well as a vibe that dictated serious, wicked and evil dancing”. With “Rebuilding Twelve”, Smight uses strong techy beats and layers them over a lush ambient backdrop. Somber chords and a trickling melody float throughout the track and are intermingled with spoken vocal snippets leaving this track with a spooky, mellow nature. “Rebuilding Twelve” is my choice cut from this wonderful Fade release.

“Your Happy Place” is not the happy place you might be expecting from the title. It’s like calling a tall man “Tiny”. The bass line comes in tough with a hint of bounce to its step. Dissonant chords sprinkle the air while the overlying tone of depth and murk radiate upon the surface. This track is scary, chilling and unnerving.

Smight has material coming out on Paolo Mojo's label Music Is Freedom in the UK, and an exciting new label in the US called Hamachi. His focus in the future is his collaboration with Eric Reeves as Magic Shoe. “I will continue my singular releases, but Magic Shoe will be the primary thrust of my furthering artistic efforts.”

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