Artist: Space Manoeuvres
Title: Pluto Disko
Label: RIP Records
By: Simon Jones | 13 October 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mike Monday Dunk(en) Funk(en) Remix

Space Manoeuvres "Pluto Disko"

Out Now on RIP Records

Space Manoeuvres is yet another project of producer and dj John Graham, also responsible for such projects as Quivver, Stoneproof and d'n'b minded Skanna. The first release 'Stage One' became one of those rare classics thanks in part to it's inclusion on one of Sasha and Digweed's Northern Exposure albums, it's 'in deep space' vocal becoming an instantly recognisible hook amongst progressive music lovers. For a long time people have waited for a follow up and now with the help of friend Lee Kenny, John finally emerges from the studio with 'Pluto Disko'.

Deep, eerie atmospherics introduce us to a consistent looping groove, with some quirky computerized vocals sprinkled in for effect, loading into a trippy sequence of squelching snares and drum arrangements which evolves into a mesh of spacial sound culminating in a melodic synth based break sequence in the center of the track, dropping out momentarily before reloading it's instructions and continuing on to complete its mission. An outer world experience that will keep you interested for the course of it's journey.

Mike Monday straps into the pilot's seat on the b-side, taking the bassline and adding some funky percussion over the top, rough beats chipping away like a series of 1's and 0's executing an instruction. Once we hit the completion and fall into the break things get a bit turbulance imbalanced as Mike pulls off a few of his trademark manoeuvres, using the space between the groove and the percussion line to draw us in before hitting warp speed. Han Solo eat your heart out.

Whilst not as instantly accessible as Stage One due to the fact it lacks the big riff that track had, this will no doubt disappoint those expecting the 'next Stage', but in terms of production, this holds it's own amicably and will no doubt be gracing many dj sets in the coming weeks and months, and those wanting the 'next Stage' will be pleased to hear Mike Monday has also done a remix for the forthcoming re-release of Stage One on Lost Language. Watch out for it.

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