Artist: Sunscape & Chris Dee
Title: Freak Sound
Label: Kubist Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 21 November 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Koma And Bones Remix

Sunscape & Chris Dee "Freak Sound"

Out Now on Kubist Recordings

The last time Sunscape and Chris Dee got together for a release on Kubist, it was the label's debut release 'Generik'. Now sometime later after Chris Dee has been keeping busy doing his own thing, he teams up with Ben Shaw once more for 'Freak Sound'.

The Original features a very big kick drum that drives its way through reverb effected guitar riffs and into a building progressive groove within which the cut up vox falls around amidst some nice spacial sounds which fill out the centre of the track. Halfway through things become a little mixed up as analogue snares and tight riffs engulf the evolving ambience creating a slight funky vibe to things.

Breakbeat specialists 'Koma And Bones' get to work on the remix, a moody sweeping intro ladden with emotive chants and dropping into a progressive breaks percussion line that builds up the mood nicely as the atmospheric void draws us in before sub bass riffs bring us to the 'combination of sounds'. It is here that the sound gets freaky indeed, the beats emerging increasingly from within the atmospherics and taking us into some nice trippy beat arrangements and stutter effected vocals that put a whole different edge on the track and will no doubt make it popular with the breaks heads out there.

As this label progresses they show more determination to not be pidgeonholed into one particular sound and this release keeps the balance just right to ensure that ethos is maintained. Watch out for Chris Dee's second release for the label, coming very soon.

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