Artist: Sunscape & Chris Dee
Title: Generik
Label: Kubist Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 12 February 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Chab Mix

Sunscape & Chris Dee "Generik"

Out Now on Kubist Recordings

Sunscape, better known as Ben Shaw who is well known for his track So Strong on Fire Recordings as well as his remix of Cass and Slide's epic Fever Rising teams up with co-producer, friend and co-runner of this new label Kubist, Chris Dee to deliver the first release, entitled Generik

The Original Mix starts off with some rolling percussion, before a big filthy synth interrupts for a moment, and intricate drum patterns lead into a deep groovy bassline, sweeping synths and yet another synth interlude gives way to the etheral vocals of guest vocalist Boa take the track to the next level, drawing you in and tripping you out as the vocal weaves in and out of the bassline sublimely.

The remix comes courtesy of european superstar on fire, Chab, who drags Boa down into the underground for some frolics and the ensuing soundscape that follows is a sinister, growling dirty monster with a deadly deep bassline that captures your soul as the full vocal takes control, and sounds massive on a loud soundsystem. A mix thats found favour with Chris Fortier whos including it on his Bedrock cd, and also Jerry Bonham, Max Graham and Tom Stephan, to name but a few.

As a first release for this new label, this shows much promise of a deeper sound than a lot of other tracks on the market at the moment, and may turn out to be one of the labels that breakout in 2002.

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