Artist: Sure Is Pure Feat Keith Thompson
Title: Without U (Situation 2wo Remixes)
Label: RIP Records
By: Simon Jones | 10 January 2003
  • A1: Situation 2wo Vocal Mix
  • B1: Situation 2wo Dub
  • B2: Acapella

Sure Is Pure Feat Keith Thompson "Without U (Situation 2wo Remixes)"

Out Now on RIP Records

With such a mindblowing original mix of Sure Is Pure's 'Without U', following it up with a set of remixes is not exactly an easy task, but fellow Cable Chamber inhabitants, Chris Bourne and Andy Holt, collectively known as 'Situation 2wo' aim to show that they as just as capable when it comes to putting together material in the studio and here they lend their own ideas and interpretations to the track.

The duo weave some warm melodies and uplifting beats on their vocal mix, letting Keith's vocal float softly and without constraint over the top of the groove, culiminating in a drop that builds admist a series of echoing vox distortions and key changes into a funkier edged groove that bubbles along till bursting point.

Spin the disc over for the 'Situation 2wo Dub' and warm organ tones float from within the house groove, subtly breezing along as looped synths and minimal vox trickle through the beats, and the melody follows more freely. Not that different to the vocal mix when it comes down to it but slight changes in arrangement make it different enough to be of some use.

An additional is placed at the end in the form of of a two and a half minute acapella of the main vocal, with which much fun and possibilities will come, and if anything, this shows you just why Keith Thompson was enlisted for this record and just how much he adds to it.

So there you have it, RIP's 2003 debut is over and these remixes offer a nice compliment to the original disc, and will give the track a much broader appeal, but when it comes to the crunch and if you have to choose, opt for the first disc before choosing this one. Nevertheless, still worth a butcher's if you are looking for something fresh.

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