Artist: Sure Is Pure Feat Keith Thompson
Title: Without U
Label: RIP Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 January 2003
  • A: Original Vocal Mix
  • B: Soul Mekanik Version

Sure Is Pure Feat Keith Thompson "Without U"

Out Now on RIP Records

Sure Is Pure run rampant in the early 1990's with such tracks as 'One Drop Of Rain', 'Is This Love Really Real?' and EPs including 'Out To Lunch' and 'Proper Tunes', not to mention remixes for the likes of St Etienne (Hug My Soul), Hybrid (Symphony) and Chris Issak (Wicked Game) with many other remixes to come over the years that followed. Kelvin Andrews and Danny Spencer are definately masters at what they do and have been making quality music for the past 10 years and more. Now they return with old friend Keith Thompson in tow, for a new Sure Is Pure outing entitled 'Without U'

As soon as the first bar of the 'Original Vocal Mix' drops, you know you're in for something very different, as we get thrown back to the days of true house music, a time when music wasn't 'bog standard' and Tarrentella weren't middle aged. In fact their favourite pastime of Fifa didn't exist back then. Uplifting rolling melodies and deep acid influenced bassline intoxicatingly take over your mind and beckon your feet to tap in time to the beat. As the soulful vocals of Keith Thompson trickle in, verse after verse, you'll be singing along the words 'Fineee... without you' by the third verse, some loopback effects dropping us to the bare bones bassline and back into the disco funk groove, making sure you dance to the final beat. Propa house music for the 21st Century.

The 'Soul Mekanik Version' is the modern interpretation of the track, a deep acidic bassline and rolling beats meshing together as vocals and effects are sliced and decided into the mix as if Roland and Luke were putting together another superb dish from their 'Home Cookin' recipe book, simmering nicely as deep house grooves ooze through, adding extra spice to the mix. Topped with some vox a la carte and some bleeps and beats for flavour, we have yet another Soul Mekanik dish served up nice and warm.

RIP Records have always strived to not be restrained by the sounds and politics that pollute the music scene of today, and as such each release has been quality. 'Without U' not only continues the success story but lays the foundation for one storming year ahead for the label. Watch this space very carefully..

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