Artist: Swain & Snell
Title: Come Baby Ride
Label: Plastica Red
By: Simon Jones | 12 February 2002
  • A: Come Baby Ride
  • B: Come Baby Dub

Swain & Snell "Come Baby Ride"

Out Now on Plastica Red

Kevin Swain and David Snell, two guys with more aliases than America's Most Wanted return with latest single under their own name, Come Baby Ride.

Tough rough edged percussion, echoing effects, electro style bassline and a filthy filtered vox sample powers 'Come Baby Ride', the main mix that grooves along, twisting and turning, leading into some reverb fuelled synths. This is dark filthy house music for 2002 and heralds the showcasing of new ideas and a more refined sound from these guys, creating quite possibly the best Swain and Snell production in many months. As the track heads into the break it explodes, threatening to blow the roof off the venue (something the Fluke DJs almost managed to do when they dropped this track at Bedrock).

Over on the flip is a deeper, more drum fuelled, restrained dub with spliced up vox, filtered synths, but a mix that works equally as well as the Original.

Already big with Deep Dish (who charted it #1 back in November), Seb Fontaine, Gordon and also Paolo Mojo

A return to form for the duo. Now the spotlight is on them to see what else they can do in 2002.

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