Artist: Andy Moor Presents SWORN
Title: Dark Amendments
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 2 January 2002
  • A: Attraction Vocal Mix
  • B: Detract Dub

Andy Moor Presents SWORN "Dark Amendments"

Out Now on Method Records

Andy Moor must be one of the hardest working producers in the scene, the number of aliases this guy has, from Mid North (with Innate) and collaborations and production credits on releases of many other artists, now he returns with a new project, SWORN.

The first release from this project is 'Dark Amendments', a track that has already found its way onto Parks and Wilson's Painting On Silence album released late last year.

The 'Attraction Vocal' features the vocals of Katie Maskray, and starts out as a percussion build that sweeps and swirls into the break, as drums echo and the vocal punches its way to the surface, pushing the grooves apart. Definately one for the peak time moments

The 'Detract Dub' is a different breed altogether. If the vocal mix was the Good, then this is the evil, working almost in reverse, introducing sinister samples and dark forboding sounds in the break, whilst toughening up the drums for those dark underground dimly lit clubs.

A nice pair of mixes that compliment each other nicely, and a fantastic release to kick off 2002 for Method.

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