Artist: Undisputed Truth
Title: Pursuit Of The Purple Pimp Mobile
Label: Plastica Red
By: Simon Jones | 22 November 2002
  • A: Ground Earth Mix
  • B: Ground Earth Dub

Undisputed Truth "Pursuit Of The Purple Pimp Mobile"

Out Now on Plastica Red

Undisputed Truth is one of the guises that comes out of the Plug family of artists and labels. This time it's Mark Plug who's at the helm and long time Plastic follows will remember his debut 'Let The Drums Speak' and now he returns with the oddly titled 'Pursuit Of The Purple Pimp Mobile'.

The 'Ground Earth Mix' doesn't waste no time in starting off, a driving groove coming in right from the start.dropping momentarily as we move forward as some atmospheric background sounds provide the stage for the vocal 'I'm outta control' to emit from, before the track continues onward, trippy percussion and panning sounds drifting over the bassline and the resulting sound is rather spacial indeed. Space house for the 21st century!

The 'Ground Earth Dub' opts for a slightly more laid back vibe, with warmer chords evident throught. A nice contrast to the a-side mix which adds another dimension to the release.

Plastica Red has in recent months moved out of the pidgeonhole it was put in and delivers something different with each release. This is no different. Dreamy spacial house which should find a niche for most DJs.

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