Artist: Unplugged
Title: Future Of Sound
Label: Plastica Red
By: Simon Jones | 30 January 2003
  • A: Acquired Sound Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Unplugged "Future Of Sound"

Out Now on Plastica Red

Paul and Mark Plug have been creating for several years, releasing music as Plug, Blind, Blu Yonder, Undisputed Truth in varied capacity.Their latest project, Unplugged has already seen releases secured on labels including EQ and this track, 'Future Of Sound', is their latest offering.

The 'Acquired Sound Mix' combines the Plug brothers musical knowledge with the sensibilties of Oliver Macgregor, which are very much influenced by his work with Swain and Snell as Menace. Here a deep percussive tribal groove rides over a mellow house vibe, trippy snares soon oozing from the seams of the track. Some deep house chords swirl against the backdrop of the track and give things a fresher twist, which quite frankly was needed for the rather flat intro, as some interesting sounds bring the mix to a close.

On the b-side is Mark and Paul's 'Original Mix' which goes for a deep house vibe, with it's neat use of drum percussion, quirky sounds and upbeat house groove building in tandem. As the 'future of sound' vocal kicks in things take a darker twist but the underlying sounds keep it together right till the end and all in all is a more tightly arranged mix than the remix.

Whilst both mixes are put together well, the package just lacks that special something to make it great, with the Original Mix being the one that comes anywhere near. A disappointment in terms of the boys earlier work, but worth a looksee if you are a fan of the Plastica Red label or the Plug boys, but it might not appeal to many others.

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