Artist: Vibe Merchants
Title: U R In My House
Label: Plastica Red
By: Simon Jones | 25 March 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Swain And Snell Mix

Vibe Merchants "U R In My House"

Out Now on Plastica Red

Swain and Snell must have more aliases than the Worlds Most Wanted, from their own names to Menace, then others such as Xzique, Mash Up and Sub Project, it never seems to end. Now they return with the latest release under their Vibe Merchants guise, U R In My House.

The Original Mix has a deep synth progression bassline, with a Jungle Brothers-esque vocal sample bouncing over the beats on occasion, snare effects coming into play as the track continues, the synths getting louder in the background, then the track drops to a single beat as the vocal is stuttered between the minimal beat before moving on once more. The track unfortunately doesnt seem to go anywhere, which is a shame as it shows a hint of promising ideas.

Over on the flip the guys return to their Swain and Snell guise to provide the remix, which is a dubbier effort in comparison, softer percussion and deeper synths giving the track a much deeper, darker electro feel, which just builds and twists subtly as the vocal is drawn out into a darker tone, a series of deep beats heradling the break, before the percussion kicks in once more. A much better interpretation of the track, and very well put together.

Plastica Red is nearing its 10th release, and up till now has had plenty of variation amongst their releases, sadly the Original Mix on offer here is very lackluste and too similar to some of Swain and Snell's earlier stuff but luckily they manage to redeem themselves on the excellent remix.

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