Artist: Vitality
Title: Skylite
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 10 January 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mark Wheawill Remix

Vitality "Skylite"

Out Now on Method Records

Vitality is a new project of producer Mark Wheawill. Over the years he has worked as part of such production outfits as Evenflow, Bravemusic and Source Of Gravity and several others and has also produced material as TSYT as well as under his own name. 'Skylite' is probably more uplifting than a lot of things he has done, but not in a cheesy sense. No sir, this is quite frankly, a bit of a plesant surprise..

A big riff, with a slight Xpander-esque feel to it is the key element of the 'Original Mix', a no nonsense bassline kicking the synths forward as spacial effects and beats drift in and out of the main hook. the melody becoming more and more persistant before dropping into some gorgeous chimes before rising back up once more. A feel good track that will get you bouncing around the dancefloor with a hook that stands out that will grab your attention and keep you interested. Good work and well deserved Kudos for Mr Wheawill.

'Mark Wheawill' also prodives an alternative remix on the flip utilizies tougher percussion and a kick drum bassline, deep synths floating over the main hook and adding a warm ambience to the mix which leads up nicely to the break where Mark really turns up the heat. From here he crans the arrangements to the limit until the track drops over the edge, and kicks back in with extra intensity. A perfect mix to drop in when the energy on the dancefloor is at maximum level.

Method continues as Baroque's younger brother, but don't let that you think that the label can't hold it's own against Baroque. Many of the stable's finer dancefloor bombs you will find on Method and this is yet another.

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