Artist: Way Out West
Title: Stealth
Label: Distinctive Records
By: Vince Hart | 5 September 2002
  • A: Way out West Club Mix
  • B: Way out West Club Dub
  • C: Pablo La Rosa Mix
  • D: Pablo La Rosa Dub
  • E: Rennie Pilgrem & Commie Mix
  • F: Nu Breed Mix

Way Out West "Stealth"Way Out West "Stealth"

Out Now on Distinctive Records

Way out West are back with a lush and stunning vox-laden loungecore breakbeat beauty otherwise known as "Stealth" featuring the much lauded vocal talents of Kirsty Hawkshaw (Opus III). Set to be the final single from the long player Intensify, this closes another chapter in Way out West's near decade-long tenure. Compared to the last single, "Mindcircus," this is a much-improved remix package with clubby makeovers from Rennie Pilgrem & Commie, Nu Breed, Pablo La Rosa, Quivver and Way out West themselves.

THIS JUST IN: The Quivver Mix WILL feature on the Distinctive UK cd single of "Stealth!!"

Rennie Pilgrem & Commie offer up a nu-skool breakbeat rendition, looping several different portions of the vocal and various instrumental sections from the original (like the harp riffs heard in the original). Harsh Pilgrem-styled basslines and synth stabs are carelessly laid on top of the transparent breakbeat and the track continues on, unsurprisingly. Overall, a fairly non-eventful mix that leaves something to be desired and is the worst of the bunch.

The Australian breakbeat sensation Nu Breed enter with a standard breakbeat sprinkled with a bouncey, syncopated bassline. The ambient soundscape of the original is kept intact with additional complementary aural trickery like synth washes and subtle arrpeggios. The vox are in full effect and are manipulated and reverberated in a way that coalesces with the electronic atmospherics. Nu Breed display their ability to get rough during the one and only breakdown by distorting the vocal and cueing a dirty nasal synth lead which gives way to a syncopated bassline more powerful and poignant than before...pure dancefloor mayhem and a very impressive effort from these relative newcomers.

Pablo La Rosa, now made famous thanks to his pumping progressive remake of Groove Armada's "Superstylin', offers up two prog-based mixes (Mansfield Mix and Down n Dirty Dub). Sporting a tribal bongo loop, an unrelenting bassline, building synth/303 melodies, catchy New Order-styled guitar riffs, and the full vocal intact, this mix is sure to cause destruction to many a' dancefloor. Pablo La Rosa raises "Stealth" to anthemic status.

Quivver's 2-year old take on "Stealth" is still a sonic beaute to this day. Characteristic Quivver basslines, atmospheres and synthy stabs fill the aural landscape to provide a masterpiece that is equally good for the headphones as it is the dancefloor.

Way out West come correct with their own four-to-the-floor clubby takes on "Stealth." With a funky bouncing bassline, a seductive female intro chant, distant clanging chimes, layered percussion, and slightly detuned strings from the original, these mixes wrap the listener in an aural blanket of sonic bliss. Indecipherable vocal blips, sitar and flute riffs, saxophone stabs, distant harp plucking and much more gel together to create an almost magical escape for the listener. The mix compliments the vocal by honoring it with the spotlight when needed. The dub is nearly identical but it leaves the vocal far removed, exposing more of the subtle production trickery underneath. These mixes will bring your more seasoned dancefloors to their knees, inundated with aural ecstacy.

Essential listening (and dancing) for the summer and a classic in the making! In stores at summer's end (Sept. 16th) in the UK.

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