Bedrock Records
Year Founded: 1999 | Status:  Active1
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Background / Notes:

After running Bedrock for 10 years, it was only natural that John Digweed would expand his musical empire into a record label. In October 1999 John launched the label with his and Nick Muir’s (his studio partner) self fitted Bedrock record 'Heaven Scent'. The idea behind Bedrock Records stems naturally from that same attitude that pervades the night at Heaven. It represents a commitment to the underground scene; to artists, clubbers and other DJ’s alike. The aim being to take quality underground tracks and release them into a bigger market, giving artists the exposure they deserve and clubbers a great experience in a constantly developing scene. The label has quickly become one of the most influential on the progressive scene though it has established itself far beyond a single genre, its significance felt throughout the dance industry and its independent status allowing huge artistic freedom and attachment to what remains an underground vibe.

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